In 1150 AD, the holy Bernard of Clairvaux stated that “L‘enfer est plein de bonnews volontés ou désirs” (Hell is filled with good wishes). This evolved into the famous statement that “The quickest way to hell is paved with good intentions.”

The “rewildling” of our world is one of these good intentions. It is advanced by people which want us to believe, that true wilderness can be created in settled landscapes, without consequences for our urbane society.

They even argue that introducing large carnivores into our residential areas will increase human well-being.

The lack of facts and knowledge about wolves in our environment creates a vacuum that quickly fills with rumors, yearnings, fables, and desires. Together they form the basis for fanaticism, politics, and wrong leadership.

We have millennia of experiences living with wolves. However, once again facts appear to be the first victims of this war.

In this book we reveal the real wolf and show how he was viewed in the past centuries.

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ISBN 978-952-94-1352-2

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